#BehindTheScenesTuesday: BMA’s Jo Speaks!

#BehindTheScenesTuesday is back for a second week and this time we’re focusing on one of our own, BMA’s Jo!

As you know that we like to share, Jo has kindly answered some burning questions that will provide you with more of an exclusive insight into her job as a modelling agency booker and her top tips on how to become successful in this business crazily fun business.



Here’s our exclusive interview with Jo!

1: How did you get into becoming a booker for BMA?

7 years ago a friend introduced me to the business & I immediately fell in love with the industry

2: What is a secret that you can offer your models?

Believe in yourself and always be ready to pack!

3: Top tip for becoming successful?

Integrity, energy, loyalty, intelligence and tenacity.

4: What is a highlight booking for you etc.?

I have had the privilege of working on some amazing bookings over the years, so very hard to choose, however having one of my artists booked on a Marvel Film has to be way up there!

5: What is your favourite thing about your job?

I love the contact with creative people from all over the world & being part of a fast paced, ever changing fun industry!

Make sure you share this and let us know what you think, check back next week, we will have a great treat in-store for you!


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